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Have a Fast 120 Mini Sled or Rider?

Then you need SHOCKIT!

SHOCKIT is a result of intensive SnowCross racing. Our prototype Polaris kit won every race it entered 8 years ago and was extremely durable as well.  Since that time 100's of racers and trail riders all over the world have enjoyed the incredible performance benefits of SHOCKIT..The stock 120's only have a spring for the rear suspension with no damping control and as a result have a very bouncy, pogo stick like ride.  With SHOCKIT, a high performance oil shock is easily installed and will tame that bouncy machine for good. Now your little play rider can have a safer more comfortable ride and your Jr. SnowCross racer will be faster around the track with increased rider confidence. Try it today because quite simply put...IT WORKS!

Key Features

  • High Performance Oil Shock
  • Solid Stainless Steel Shock Mounting Shafts
  • Silver Aluminum Tunnel Supports
  • CNC Engraved SHOCKIT Logo
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Photo Illustrated Instructions
  • Economical Performance 

Polaris XCR XC 120 SHOCKIT

Here is the SHOCKIT installed on a Polaris 120 XCR model. The Polaris has the most travel of the Minis at 7", however, it also has the most bounce. Many dads actually limit the suspension travel down for their little racers with a shorter limiter strap. This is not a good solution! With SHOCKIT the Polaris can now efficiently utilize all of it's travel with a well controlled ride which equates to a big performance gain!!

Regular Retail: $219.95 SAVE $50.00 NOW!!

Description SKU # Price
Polaris SHOCKIT 5001 $169.95

120 Mini-Z SHOCKIT

The little Z does not have a whole lot of suspension yet surprisingly still wins a lot of races. This is likely due to the fact that it sits low and is a good deal stiffer in the rear than the others as they have the suspension pulled down tight with the limiter strap. With our SHOCKIT for the Mini-Z, the travel is increased about 1.00" by modifying the limiter strap to get that rear suspension actually working again. It is well controlled with an oil shock dampened ride for a big performance gain on the trail or track.

Note: Please select the correct model below. The Mini-Z kit is for the older Mini-Z without front shocks. The Mini-Z REV kit is for the newer models of Mini-Z with the new body style and front shocks.

Retail: $219.95 SAVE $50.00 NOW!!

Description SKU # Price
Ski-Doo Mini-Z SHOCKIT 6001 $169.95

Ski-Doo Mini-Z REV SHOCKIT 6002 $169.95

SHOCKIT on a Arctic Cat ZR120

Like it's bigger brothers, the Artic Cat has a really awesome front suspension system. With SHOCKIT you can now get the rear to fully cooperate with the front. The rear spring has a factory three way preload adjuster so you can make the suspension stiffer. Unfortunately without a shock absorber it just bounces even more if you do. With SHOCKIT's well damped oil shock combined with the adjustable spring pre-load you will see a big performance gain that just can't be beat. Also fits YAMAHA SRX120 models.

Note: Does not fit very early CAT models with the leaf spring rear suspension.

Retail: $219.95 SAVE $50.00 NOW!!

Description SKU # Price
Arctic Cat /YAM SHOCKIT 7001 $169.95

New from Midwest Mini.

At last there is an affordable rear skid wheel kit for your 120 snowmobile. These wheels will greatly reduce the drag on the drive track improving both acceleration and top speed performance. Also are a must have kit for low snow conditions or grass running conditions. Polaris and Ski-Doo require drilling in the skid. Cat and YAMAHA SRX have holes already in the skid for them.

Key Features

  • High Performance Nylon Roller Wheels
  • Sealed Bearings
  • CNC Machined Wheel Bushings   
  • Corrosion Resistant Hardware
  • Illustrated Instructions
  • Economical Performance Upgrade
  • Looks Cool!
  • Fits All Brands of 120 Sled Models
Description SKU # Price
Skid Wheel Kit, Polaris POLWHLS $149.95

Skid Wheel Kit, Cat / YAM CATWHLS $149.95
Skid Wheel Kit, Mini-Z MZWHLS $149.95